Fuel Injection Workshop


  • Grinding of Fuel Pump and Fuel Valve Components for diesel engines by is Marine.

  • Injector Nozzle Seat honning by The Merlin Autolap 200

  • Injector Body Flat Surfaces Lapping by The Merlin M16A

  • Performance testing of larger and higher pressure Diesel Fuel Injectors as incorporated in Marine and Generating Plant applications and also in Rail, Traction and Industrial applications by The Merlin S450-1 Injectormaster.

  • Complete maintenance of Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzles and Needles like Needle Valve seat re-facing, Nozzle Seat lapping, Needle Lift correction and hollow grinding for Flat Seat Needle Valves by The Merlin NR3 Injector Nozzle Reconditioning Machine.