OPTIMA establishment in Istanbul dates back to 1990. Since 2005, we are operating from our new premises in the Tuzla Shipyards Area.

Our main activities are Marine Diesel & Power Plant Diesels/gas overhauls, reconditioning and ship repairs also spare parts sales for marine industry and power plants.

OPTIMA means an optimal experience in Marine Industry for nearly 40 years.

ISO 9001 standart items were completely covered by the quality management system (QMS) of the company.


OPTIMA is offering, based on previously worked out projects, technical management, repairs on board and in workshop. We provide our attendance and services worldwide. We are commited to provide an exclusive technical and consulting support to the most prominent marine fleets.


Our company, thanks to the highly qualified and experienced personnel, has acquired a confidence from our clients in the fields of in-house equipments and workshop machnieries.


At present, we occupy an area of 1500m² of which 1000m² are occupied by workshops and warehouse , 350 m² by offices, library, cafeteria ; 150m² are occupied by private and recreation facilities for employees and visitors.



Since 2005, we have served more than 550 seagoing vessels in various sizes. We are employing the newest technologies and applying highest standarts to achieve the end-results of best quality.