Regular maintenance of marine diesel engines is key to more uptime and lower life-cycle costs.

we guaranteed high efficiency and reliability for all marine diesels.

we care first, exploring the causes problems or operating exploitation

on marine diesel, after that solve these problems and provide requirements.









·         Main and Auxilary Engines Maintenance, Repair and Alignment

·         Pitch Control Servo Systems and HUB Systems Repair and Maintenance

·         Reduction Gear Repair

·         Engine Assembly and Alignment

·         Hydraulic and Pneumatic Units Maintenance

·         Renewing / Re-conditioning of Damaged and/or  Worn Parts by Manufacturing

·         Exhaust Valves and Seats Re-conditioning by Stellite

·         Piston Crown Ring Grooves Re-conditioning by Ni-Co Alloys

·         Ultrasonic Cleaning of all kinds of Engine Air Coolers

·         Supply and Delivery of Spare Parts